Q: How many wines can I enter in each Class?

A: There is NO maximum number of entries per class per exhibitor. (Note refer to Reg 10 also).

Q: When do I deliver my exhibits?

A: Exhibits must be delivered to First Creek Wines Corner of McDonalds Road & Gillards Road, Pokolbin between Monday 26th July and Friday 6th August 2021.  First Creek Wines will be open to take delivery of exhibits between the hours of 7am and 5pm. The supplied carton label must be prominently displayed on all cartons containing entry samples.

Q: Can I attend the judging?

A: The judging process is closed to Exhibitors.

Q: Can I attend the Exhibitors Wine Tasting?

A:  An Exhibitors’ Wine Tasting will be held on THURSDAY 19 AUGUST 2021 from 9:00am to 11:30am sharp. Each exhibitor may arrange for up to 3 representatives to attend the tasting. Please refer to Dates to Remember and your Show Schedule for specific details regarding the tasting.   Pre-registration of attendees is required and all attendees MUST bring photo ID.

Q: When are the results available?

A:  Copies of the Show Results (without top gold and trophy awards) will be emailed at the completion of judging on Wednesday 18 August prior to  the Exhibitors Wine Tasting on Thursday 19 August 2021. Full Show Results will be distributed at the Clear Image Hunter Valley Wine Show Celebrations Lunch, Friday 20 August 2021.  Show Results will also be posted on this website www.hunterwineshow.com.au after the Celebration Lunch.  Show Results WILL NOT be mailed to exhibitors.

Q: What happens if I win a medal?

A:  Award certificates, if requested, will be forwarded by mail to successful exhibitors before the end of September 2016.  Medal stickers for winning wines are your responsibility and they must adhere to Reg 18(a).

Q: Is there a Trophy Presentation?

A: Trophies will be presented to the successful exhibitors at the CCL  Hunter Valley Wine Show Celebration Luncheon hosted by the Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association on FRIDAY 20th August 2021  Admission to the function will be limited to persons who have made application to the Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association (HVWTA) and are named on the list of attendees. Click here to e-mail the HVWTA regarding the Celebrations Lunch.

Q: Why are 6 bottles required for each exhibit?

Due to the nature of the medal and trophy judging process up to 6 bottles can be used. As wines are tasted for different trophies multiple bottles are used. In addition to this a minimum of two (2) bottles are required for the Exhibitors’ tasting.

Below is an example from a previous year where 6 bottles of an exhibit were used during the judging process:

Exhibit 18 in Class 33

Bottle 1 – Class 33 judging

Bottle 2 – George Wyndham Trophy judging

Bottle 3 – Tyrrell Family Trophy judging

Bottle 4 – Maurice O’Shea Trophy judging

Bottle 5 – Len Evans Trophy judging

Bottle 6 – Petrie-Drinan Trophy Judging – Best White Wine of Show